Frequently Asked Questions

See below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.  

Question not answered here? Send us an email or call us at (347)853-6762.


Where is the school located?

Brooklyn LAB and the InnovateEDU After School programs are located at 77 Sands Street Brooklyn, NY 11217 in downtown Brooklyn.

It is a short walk away from the F train at York Street and the A/C at High Street-Brooklyn Bridge.  A walkable distance from the 2/3/4/5 at Borough Hall, the A/C/F/R at Jay Street-Metrotech and the B/Q/R at Dekalb.

I heard that LAB starts in August, is that true?

Yes, LAB scholars attend preparation academy in August. Preparation Academy generally takes place during the week before Labor Day. For more information, please see our school calendar here.

What are the school hours?

School days run from 8:30am-3:45pm, except on Wednesdays when scholars are dismissed at 1:15 pm. Brooklyn LAB’s extended school day runs from 8:30am-5:30pm and includes two hours of small group or one-on-one tutoring from trained college graduates, and time for enrichment activities. LAB scholars are dismissed at 1:15pm each Wednesday to allow time for faculty and staff professional development.

I heard that LAB's enrichments change every school year. Is this true?

Yes. InnovateEDU, LAB's academic and program partner, has been awarded a grant from the City of New York to offer enrichment, tutoring, and a host of activities from 3:45pm-5:30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Core classes end at LAB at 3:45pm on these days and scholars transition into 360Lab time. 360Lab activities include tutoring and enrichment courses such as sports, performing and visual arts, public speaking and debate, creative writing and journalism, computer programming, student council, theater, robotics, digital video and game design, STEM clubs, graphic design, and other activities based on scholar interest. Enrichment activities may change between trimesters based on scholar interest.Are there school activities after 5:30pm?

We do not offer activities after 5:30pm dismissal from our enrichment program. However, scholars have time during the extended day for tutoring and to take enrichment. Enrichment activities vary by trimester based on scholar interest.

Are there school activities after 5:30pm?

We do not offer activities after 5:30pm dismissal from our enrichment program. However, scholars have time during the extended day for tutoring and to take enrichment. Enrichment activities vary by trimester based on scholar interest.

Why does LAB have such a long school day?

LAB leverages blended instruction to focus human capital and extend the school day, week, and year to deliver exceptional learning without high costs. School days run from 8:30am-3:45pm. LAB offers additional Break, Summer, and Saturday Academies for scholars who need extra help with our partner InnovateEDU.

Between 6th and 12th grades, our longer school day adds up to over half a decade of additional learning. LAB makes long days feasible using high-dosage tutoring from new educators – LAB Corps Fellows – and blended instruction: scholars spend two hours each day with tutors and at least an hour each day in enrichment courses in the 360Lab, which combines small group or 1:1 work with technology-delivered adaptive learning instruction.

What is discipline like at LAB?

The fundamental orienting principal for the LAB community is respect. At LAB, we emphasize respect for the learning environment, our LAB community, and for each scholar. LAB is committed to providing a safe and respectful school culture in which all students can achieve academically. We practice restorive discipline and restoative circles based on the Valor Collegiate model.  LAB publishes its scholar and family handbook each year which includes the student discipline code.

I heard that charter schools didn't have to have certified teachers. Are LAB teachers certified?

Teachers at LAB have appropriate certification from the New York State Department of Education. LAB's approach is consistent with the certification of the teachers in New York City public schools. Additionally, Master Teachers have significant prior teaching experience.

Does LAB have school uniforms?

Yes. All scholars at Brooklyn LAB wear uniforms. More information about our uniforms can be found here.

What if I am unable to afford a uniform?

LAB provides assistance to scholars and their families to purchase uniforms based on need. Please contact Cecile Kidd at for more information.

Given that technology is a primary focus at LAB, what tools are being used by scholars?

LAB is excited about preparing scholars with the digital literacy they need to succeed in college and careers, regardless of their current comfort with, or knowledge of, technology.

Each student at LAB receives a Google Chromebook for use in school at no cost to families. To make sure our scholars have access to technology at home, LAB will provide Chromebooks at a reduced price to families who meet the need threshold for order during Back to School night.  

All high school scholars geta Macbook which after their time at LAB is theirs to keep for college. To make sure our scholars have access to technology at home, LAB will provide Macbooks at a reduced price to families who meet the need threshold for order during Back to School night.  

What percentage of the school day is spent using the computers vs. teachers teaching? Are they used only for individual work or during regular classes as well?

The use of laptops varies by class and by lesson. We believe that the integration of digital technology in the classroom is an essential piece of building 21st-century skills and aids in allowing students to progress at their pace. Every student at LAB has a laptop that is used during direct instruction, tutoring, and self-paced work. While technology is an integral part of our academic model, teachers have the freedom and the ability to integrate laptop work into their instructional time based on the unique contours of the content and lesson that they are delivering daily.

Where can I find the LAB school calendar?

The LAB school calendar is available online here. LAB will make every reasonable effort to align its school calendar with that of NYCDOE schools.

How does LAB communicate with families?

We believe that the culture and community we create at LAB will surround scholars with a community of leaders, teachers and parents who share a vision of academic achievement. Families are included in regular family events and meetings so they can see the incredible growth and development of their children.  

We encourage a real-time, two-way communication policy that includes:

  • Active engagement in our Parent Leadership Council as well as Coffee with the Co-Founders meetings every month.

  • Events for scholars and their families before the school year starts. Find more information about family and scholar events here.

  • Frequent updates about scholar progress and what the school is doing to help scholars flourish and grow, through Cortex, Deans List, and regular emails.

  • The contact information for all LAB teacher and leader so you can contact us.  

  • A communication policy that guarantees responses within one business day.

  • At least three meetings per year with school administrators, teachers, and tutors about the progress of your scholar. 

  • Maintaining an open-door policy, which allows families to visit the school and observe their scholar's class by appointment.

As a family member, how can I participate at LAB?

At LAB, our scholars’ families are critical to their success and ours, and we are committed to developing positive and communicative relationships. Our school and our families have the same goal: student success and achievement. All of our families receive regular communication, both digitally and offline, about their scholars’ academic and behavioral progress. We encourage our families to join the Parent Leadership Council, attend family events, and volunteer for school activities.

The Parent Leadership Council is a group of parents and guardians who work closely with the school to identify projects and issues that can help the school and its students.

Our families come to the school for regular evening events such as back-to-school night, parent-teacher conferences, teacher appreciation week, as well as a host of special events throughout the year.

Will there be transportation options for scholars?

Transportation needs are addressed depending on individual scholar needs including distance from the school and special needs. Please contact the main office at 347-429-8439 for more information. 

Will LAB offer sports?

Yes. LAB provides physical education as part of the school day for every scholar. Also, team sports for the school are offered during the enrichment periods at LAB based on scholar interest through our partnership with InnovateEDU. LAB currently offers STEP, dance, basketball, track, and soccer.  

Will LAB offer arts education?

Yes. LAB works with a variety of community partners and InnovateEDU to provide performing and visual arts programming as part of the 360Lab time for students who select art as an enrichment.