Brooklyn LAB High School

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  • Advanced Placement Courses: World History | US History | Research: Government & Economics | Calculus | Statistics | Biology | Chemistry | Literature | Composition & Language | Seminar | Research Support

  • 1:1 Technology:  All scholars receive a MacBook.

  • 1:30 College Counselor Ratio: Every student has a dedicated counselor who helps manage their 4 year journey to the college of their dreams.

  • Internships:  Scholars have the opportunity to take part in internships across New York City.

  • National Honor Society: LAB is part of NHS and scholars become eligible in the 10th grade.     

  • College Preparation: PSAT | SAT Prep | College Trips | College Admission Support | High Expectations

  • Amazon Future Engineering School: We offer a nationally recognized comprehensive computer science program.

Brooklyn LAB High School embraces an “AP-for-all” philosophy and will ensure all students earn AP credits in all the main content areas. Through specially designed “pre-AP” courses, students will develop the content knowledge they need, along with essential academic skills such as research, reasoning and argumentation, use of data and evidence, and clear communication in a variety of media. By the end of their second year of high school, students will choose an academic specialization in Humanities or Applied Sciences.

School staff are actively building a supportive culture that empowers students, encourages their independence, promotes agency, and teaches them about themselves as learners. Brooklyn Lab cultivate students’ agency in two ways: through deep learning in the content areas (including a dedicated “Foundations of Entrepreneurial Learning” course), and through a school culture that reflects a commitment to youth development principles. A restorative justice program will incorporate conflict management and help students address trauma and its effects.


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